How do I deactivate a license key within the site?

To deactivate a license key log in to Your account, navigate to the Purchase history tab and press the View Licences from the License Key tab.

Locate your License key and press Manage licenses.

Locate your Machine (name may be scrambled for privacy reasons) and press Deactivate Site.


How do I cancel a subscription?

To cancel a subscription log in to your account, navigate to the Subscriptions tab and press the Cancel option to the right of your subscription.

Where can I find my invoice

Invoices can be found in your purchase email as a link, or from Your Account page on the site. To download your invoice navigate to the Purchase History tab and click on the invoice you wish to download from the Invoice tab.

How do I Download my purchased files?

Besides the mail sent with download links, Your downloads will be waiting for you in your account page, so you can download your files at any time from the My Downloads Tab.
If you don’t already have an account please register through the Registration page using your purchase mail.